Visa Services


Our VISA Services

THICS is professionally managed Student Visa Advisor more than 15 years in this profession. The team of dedicated, hardworking and experienced staff is always there to extend help to the students desirous for higher studies in foreign destinations. We provide one stop solution to the queries of aspirants. Right from Appointment for Passport to post Landing Assistance is provided here. With a long list of satisfied students and parents, we are tested and proven destination for study abroad.


Guidance and Counseling

There are numerous study options available these days, so it is not easy for a student to decide about a course, college and country for further studies. Accurate information and mature guidance in the hands of skilled counselor can open right door of opportunities.

Experienced counsellors with updated information, guide student to select course according to their learning capabilities, interest and previous education. We guide student according to the Industry demand, to choose course from, for ample job options in the future. The economical condition of the family is also considered while selecting course and university. We provide assistance in choosing college/ university with lower tuition fee and hassle free admission process.

Our priority is your bright future come along with your guardians for Counseling and guidance for right decision for course, college and country.


Preparing Visa Application Documents

For the maximum chances of obtaining visa, it is required that you submit right documents. If, even a single document is not in order, then processing of your visa application may lead to rejection or delay. When student makes final choice about college/ university then professional editorial team of THICS reviews all documents submitted by the student to ensure that the profile is presented to chosen institution in a professional manner by showing the all information about the student. We assist you in arranging all required documents I.e. Legal Affidavits, medical appointment, bank account opening in ANZ for FTS and in Nova Scotia for GIC, Telegraph Transfer (TT) of course fee and other papers for submitting Visa Application in Visa Office. We coordinate, on your behalf, with college authorities and visa officer, in case of any need.


Improvement of Communication & Interview Skills

The student, planning to study overseas, has to be ready to face new situations. Being a native of non-English Speaking country, he might face difficulties in understanding his course in English. We start grooming students’ right from their enrolment with us. We enhance their communication skills, interpersonal skills and make them aware about their course contents, study requirements etc. Some students lack explanatory skills, we help them to build up their confidence level so that they can explain their part vividly to college authorities and visa officer, in case of interview. The case processing time of 2-3 months is utilized fully for preparing students for studying abroad.


Pre-departure Orientation

This session focuses on multiple subjects, to be aware and taken care of, by overseas students, for instant adaptability on foreign shores. This is highly informative and interactive event where our experts gather to share information based on the real experiences. Students are informed about the weather conditions, transportation system, accommodation ,culture , social sense, law and practices, fundamental rights being an overseas student, to avoid any mental agony afterwards. Students are provided with an access to our alumnis in the respective country. The briefing session prepares a student completely for the environment he/she will be exposed to while studying in the university there.


Travel Arrangements

Our partnership with leading service providers make it very easy to take care of all your travel needs. THICS provides Foreign Exchange solutions on most competitive exchange rates. Economical air ticket with comfortable on board facilities is also arranged. Medical insurance coverage is must for international students.


Post Landing Arrangements

We remain with you till you reach at your destination safely. THICS has an extensive network of its students studying abroad. We can arrange Airport pickup and temporary accommodation, on your request, from college or service providers or from our resources.


Spouse Visa / Parent’s Visitor visa

Every country has different visa rules for parents and spouse. Our expertise in this field enables us to guide the visa seekers, plan their case wisely. The student, who is married and wants to take his/ her spouse along with, is also directed to arrange all required documents according to visa and immigration guidelines. Parents of the students, wish to visit them, are also assisted and guided for file submission.